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Boost conversions

We'll identify areas where friction and anxiety are keeping people from taking action in your copy.

You'll get actionable insights you can use to improve your webpages and marketing collateral. 📈

Just 22% of businesses are happy with their conversion rates.
Source: Econsultancy

Optimize your copy

We'll identify opportunities to improve your copy so you can convert more visitors into leads and buyers.

You'll get powerful tips based on the science behind copy that converts. 📝

54% of marketers struggle to create content that generates quality leads & 52% struggle to create content that attracts more traffic. 

Source: SEMrush's Global State of Content Marketing Report 2019

Make more money

It’s time to up your copy game!

We'll help you take your copy from where it is to where you want it to be...generating sales. 

Because you'll maximize the value you get from your copy, you can recoup the cost of the Copy Audit almost immediately. 💵

"The ‘right [creative] message’ accounts for 80% of the return path.*"

~Andrew Robertson, president and CEO of BBDO Worldwide

*This figure has been confirmed by both Google North America data and Facebook data.

Quick wins that’ll get you ahead of the game

Big problems take time to fix, and progress can feel frustratingly slow.

We help you identify key areas of improvement to boost your conversion performance in the least amount of time possible. 

"Words are hooks, words are levers. If your hook finds no purchase, you have no leverage."

~Seth Godin

See what people are saying

"If you’re looking for content marketing services to create marketing content that measurably attracts more customers, Anthony is a guaranteed investment."

Director of Conversion Practice at 360i

“Anthony has a wealth of knowledge on the US market when it comes to content. He was able to understand our product, message, and brand right from day one. It's been great having him on board, and I would recommend him to any B2B company operating or looking to break into the US market.” 

Digital Marketing Manager at Sine

Why choose us to audit your copy?

There are so many reasons why Professional Pen should be your go-to when you need copy that drives leads and conversions... and keeps your customers coming back. Here are just a few:

A Fresh Perspective

When you're too close to a project it can be tough to stay objective.

I'll audit your copy with fresh eyes... and look at it like a customer would... so you can level up your marketing!

12+ Years of Experience

Since 2008, I’ve helped more than 100 businesses with content marketing. Let me help you stand out from the competition and cut through the clutter of your marketplace.

Proven Results

Get fast help with your marketing campaigns from a seasoned pro with proven results in YOUR niche. I'll help you “roadmap” a smarter marketing asset.

Clear ROI

Improving copy that generates leads or sales is the BIGGEST lever (and fastest way) to increase ROI.

In fact, data science findings (40k landing pages) show copy (28%) was 2x as influential as design (13%) in why visitors converted.

Copy Audit FAQs

Q: How does the Copy Audit work?

A: It's as easy as 1-2-3! 

  • Step 1: We jump on an initial consultation call (usually 30-60 minutes) so I can learn about your business, product(s), ideal customer, competitors, and the asset you’d like audited.
  • Step 2: I review your copy and identify everything you can do to optimize your copy. Then I'll give you a detailed PDF report and video screencast where I walk you through my recommendations along with a checklist containing every recommended action from the Copy Audit, so you'll know exactly what to do next. 
  • Step 3: If you have any followup questions, I'm available via email or phone.


Q: What kind of copy can I get audited?

A: Webpages, Landing pages, Opt-in pages, Sales pages, Email copy, Facebook or Instagram Ad copy, you name it. I can audit any copy you want...but you'll get the biggest bang for your buck using this service for key marketing funnel assets tied to revenue for your business.


Q: What *exactly* do I get out of the Copy Audit?

A: You'll get reassurance you're going the right way and insights into what's not working. You'll get a detailed PDF report (complete with annotated screenshots & notes on any visual/design elements that may be hurting conversions) and screencast where I walk you through the recommendations. You'll also get a checklist containing every recommended action from the Copy Audit, so you'll know exactly what to do next. 


Q: Are you going to write copy for me?

A: Your PDF report, screencast, and checklist will contain recommendations on specific, high-impact areas of copy, but the Copy Audit does NOT include a rewrite of the copy you're having audited.


Q: How much does the Copy Audit cost?

A: The Copy Audit costs $200 (super cheap for the value I aim to provide) and includes everything described above (initial consultation call, detailed PDF report and screencast, and any followup questions answered). I offer a 100% money-back guarantee. If you're not happy, just let me know and I'll give you a full refund.
*Price subject to increase due to demand and overwhelming positive response. ¯\_(ツ)_/¯


Q: What are the next steps if I'm interested?

A: Just click any of the buttons on this page. They'll take you directly to a secure PayPal link and the system will prompt you for payment. After you pay, you'll receive confirmation and and I'll get in touch to get details so I can get to work on your Copy Audit!

I offer these Copy Audits on a first come, first serve basis. Because I only set aside time to take on a handful of Copy Audits each month, get in touch with me now and find out if this Copy Audit service is right for you and your business.

Who Will Audit Your Copy?

Hello, I’m Anthony Sills.

I’m the Founder & Content Strategist at Professional Pen.

I help B2B SasS and tech companies who want to get more ROI from their marketing plan, publish, and promote content that drives leads and revenue using proven strategies, tactics, and frameworks.

If converting people with your copy is important to you, get in touch and see if you're a good fit for the Copy Audit.

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